Chhattisgarh High Tension Wire Fell On Bilaspur-Katni MEMU Passenger Train Stampede Among People ANN

Chhattisgarh News: A major train accident has been averted in...

Chhattisgarh News: A major train accident has been averted in Chhattisgarh. The high tension wire on the Bilaspur-Katni MEMU passenger train broke on Tuesday. Soon after, the train came to a halt with jerks and sparks started coming out. Had the bogie caught fire, a major accident could have happened. The passengers were terribly frightened by this accident and hurriedly got down from the train while running.

Accident in Bilaspur-Katni MEMU passenger train

Actually, the Bilaspur-Katni MEMU passenger train left for Katni from Bilaspur on Tuesday as usual. After this the train reached Anuppur. After this, at around 9 in the morning, she was going from here towards Shahdol. The incident happened near Sanjay Nagar before Amlai station when the district adjoining the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh was passing through Gourela Pendra Marwahi district. After this, the passengers got off the train and stood on the side and waited for the train to improve.

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Stampede caused by breaking of high tension wire

Passengers say that the train suddenly stopped with a jolt and a spark was seen above the train. After this, one by one the passengers got down from the train. After some time the train became empty. The passengers were scared. Then the railway employees stopped the line supply and cut the broken wire and removed it from the train. It took about 1 hour. After this the train was dispatched.

OHE line wire broken due to falling tree

It is good that the high tension ceramic panel collided with the coach. Because of this a major accident was averted. Had the high tension wire fallen in the bogie, a major accident could have happened. Bilaspur Railway Division’s CPRO Saket Ranjan told the media in this matter that the OHE line wire was broken due to falling trees. Now it has been recovered, the train has been dispatched.

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