Chhattisgarh Jashpur Pears Being Supplied To Every Corner Of The Country, Increased Farmers Income Ann

Jashpur News: Farmers of remote areas of Jashpur, Chhattisgarh, famous...

Jashpur News: Farmers of remote areas of Jashpur, Chhattisgarh, famous all over the country for their natural beauty and tribal culture, are growing tea, cashews, tomatoes, chillies, potatoes in new ways in addition to greens in their fields. Not only this, the taste of Jashpur’s pear is also reaching every corner of the country including the capital Delhi. Apart from Delhi, Jashpur pears are being sold to Uttar Pradesh, Ranchi and different states of the country. Due to this not only the popularity of Jashpur is increasing, but the income of the farmers here is also increasing.

Increased income of 1700 farmers of the district
Pear is being cultivated on a large scale in the plateau areas of the garden block of Jashpur. The farmers of the region are getting good profits from this cultivation. In Jashpur district, 660 metric tonnes of pears are being produced in about 750.00 hectares. More than 1700 farmers of the district are getting benefited by this.

Cultivation of papaya and tea is making headlines across the country
Let us tell you that the cultivation of tea in Balachhapar in Jashpur district and the cultivation of papaya in Darbha of Bastar are making headlines across the country. Cultivation of new varieties has brought a positive change in the income of the farmers here. Due to this the farmers are not only earning profit but are also becoming self-reliant.

Farmers making huge profit from Pear Area Expansion Scheme
Many farmers have started the production of pears here, taking advantage of the Pear Area Expansion Scheme of the Horticulture Department. One of these is the farmer Virendra Kujur of the garden block, who has planted 250 pear trees in his garden. Now every year, they are earning lakhs of rupees from their sale by collecting the team, along with this, local small farmers and agricultural laborers have also got profit employment due to this work.

Government schemes proving to be a boon for farmers

Farmer Virendra Kujur says that in the year 2021-2022, he has earned an income of about 3 lakh rupees from pear production work. He told that he has got the direct benefit of the government’s schemes, due to which his income has increased. He said that they are working continuously under the guidance of expert officers. Now he wants to expand this work further.

Under the ambitious scheme Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari of Chhattisgarh government, production of greens, vegetables and fruits based on local climate is also being promoted in the villages. With the aim of bringing change in the economic condition and standard of living of the village, villagers and farmers, such schemes are being implemented on the ground, so that the pockets of the people are filled.

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