Chhattisgarh Lights On In Only 35 Out Of 150 Pillars On National Highway In Surajpur Danger Of Accident Is Created Due To Darkness Ann

Surajpur News: In Surajpur district, about a year ago, the...

Surajpur News: In Surajpur district, about a year ago, the condition of street light service installed in the main market in NH 43 by SECL Vishrampur area at a cost of about Rs. A total of 150 pillars have street lights, but now only 35 pillars are lit, the rest are lying closed for a long time. Due to which there has been a situation of resentment among the residents of the area. People say that when the benefit of light was not to be given to the common people, then what was the justification for burning one crore rupees.

Lights are off due to bill payment dispute

Let us inform that after making a divider along with road construction in NH 43, on administrative initiative, after many deaths in road accidents, from Keshavnagar to Vishrampur General Manager’s office in Vishrampur Nagar, a total of 150 pillars from CSR item by SECL to the station road. The amount was approved for street lights. Which was inaugurated last year by Regional MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Parasnath Rajwade and then SECL GM BN Jha, but after a few days 75% lights of the city were switched off due to electricity bill payment dispute. Today, out of 150 pillars, only 35 pillars of light are being lit in the beach market. The remaining 115 lights have been switched off to save electricity bill, due to which NH and a large part of the market have been engulfed in darkness for a long time.

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Accidents have happened many times

Let us tell you that neither the department has anything to do with the power shutdown and the problems being faced by the people, neither the public representatives. Local people say that due to the darkness of the night, due to the shutdown of the lights, there can be a serious accident at any time. It is worth noting that due to non-lighting of lights on NH 43, many times passersby have been injured due to road accidents. Despite this, the administration is not paying attention to this and no initiative is being taken to restart the closed lights. Which is always prone to accident on NH at night. Angered by the apathy of the administration, the people of the area have started preparing for the demonstration if the system is not improved soon.

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