Chhattisgarh Negligence In Avarti Charai Yojana, After DFO Now Ranger Has Been Suspended Ann

Chhattisgarh Avarti Charai Yojana: A ranger who was negligent in...

Chhattisgarh Avarti Charai Yojana: A ranger who was negligent in the recurring grazing scheme, one of the ambitious schemes of the state government, has also been suspended. Ramdutt Nagar posted in Karpawand range of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh has been suspended by Bastar DFO. Actually, from May 25, for three consecutive days, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is going to set up Jan Choupal by visiting 3 assembly constituencies in Bastar district. In view of the CM’s visit, all the officers are already visiting the field to keep all the administrative arrangements in order. DFO of Bastar Forest Department, DP Sahu, who came to visit Bakwand block of the district on Wednesday, suspended the Karpawand Ranger for being negligent in this plan.

Action taken after frequent complaints
In fact, the work of recurring grazing development scheme of the government is being done under the Forest Department in Jebel Gram Panchayat of Bakavand block. The work under this scheme was approved in the year 2020-21, but even after 2 years no work was done under this scheme. Regarding this, the local public representatives had also complained about the forest ranger to the senior officials. After this, after receiving continuous complaints, the Karpawand Ranger was suspended.

allegations found to be true
DFO DP Sahu said that the recurring grazing development scheme is included in the flagship scheme of the Chief Minister, in which there was gross negligence and apathy on the part of Ranger Ramdutt Nagar, due to which he has been suspended. The DFO said that under this scheme, this work was to be completed within a year, but no work was done here in 2 years. An inquiry was conducted after the complaint, in which the allegations against the Ranger were found to be true, due to which he was suspended.

Ranger said this thing
Karpavand Ranger Ramdutt Nagar says that the work of recurring grazing scheme has not been done during his tenure, but Rajkumar Dhruv, who was posted in this range before him, was negligent in this plan. He says that he has joined Karpawand a few months back, so the work for which he has been suspended is not of his tenure. This action should have been taken on the Ranger who was before him, but he has been suspended without seeing.

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