Chhattisgarh News Fish Pickle Made By The Women Of Rajnandgaon In Chhattisgarh, Know Its Price

Rajnandgaon News: In Chhattisgarh, the era of innovation is going...

Rajnandgaon News: In Chhattisgarh, the era of innovation is going on in every field, instead the circumstances here have given the women living in the villages an opportunity to fly high. This is the reason why the women of this place have prepared even fish pickle and made it available in the market. Due to the efforts of the government, the talent of skilled women in rural areas has got wings. They are working in areas and thinking of products which are not prevalent but have huge potential from market point of view. The women of the Jai Budha Dev group of Vanbaghera in Rajnandgaon have made a similar innovation. He has made fish pickle.

This is how the process of pickling fish started
Pickle maker Sarita Mandavi told that the Panchayat officials told her that everyone makes pickles, make something new. We said that apart from mangoes, pickles are also made of garlic etc., then we said that people are fond of fish. Let’s make pickle out of it. Then we made pickle of Pankaj species of fish and kept it in Gauthan Mela one day. It was sold for five thousand rupees. Then felt that there is a great potential in it and then started its production.

This is the price of one kilo of pickle
Sarita told that the cost of one kilo of fish pickle is Rs 50. We were told in the training to make a different product, we did it, we got success. In the state, the government led by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is promoting out-of-box ideas and management funds are now reaching groups in rural areas as well. An example of this has become the efforts of the women of Vanbaghera’s Jai Budha Dev group of Rajnandgaon.

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