Chhattisgarh News Police Station In-charge Was Seen Doing Duty In Towel Not In Uniform In Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi Ann

Chhattisgarh News: This time a record heat is being recorded...

Chhattisgarh News: This time a record heat is being recorded in Chhattisgarh’s Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi due to the strong heat of the sun. In such a situation, people are spending time in homes in less clothes. But can a police outpost in-charge do his duty on vest and towel. Although this is a matter of police law, but it has been seen in the Kotmikala police post of the district. Where the in-charge was seen doing his duty in a vest and towel.

According to the information, Chandan Singh, in-charge of Kotmikala police outpost of Gorela Pendra Marwahi district, is on leave, so the charge of the outpost is with Rajendra Singh Thakur and his responsibility is to protect the people of the entire outpost area. But instead of understanding this accountability, Rajendra Thakur himself was seen doing duty in a vest and a towel.

told this reason
In fact, during the station in-charge duty, he was seen standing in front of the post wearing a towel vest and when the local media people asked him the reason for doing so, at first he said that he had just eaten, so I am wearing such clothes while eating. Then he smiled and finally appeared to admit his mistake, explaining the reason for this outfit.

admit your mistake
Although smiling, the station in-charge accepted his mistake, but the question is whether such an act of a police officer will be considered right in police discipline? And will the common people accept this dress in a police post or police station as right? With all these questions, it has to be seen whether the top police officers take this matter seriously or if everything is forgiven in the 40 degree heat.

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