Chhattisgarh News Tribals Blocked Railway Tracks And Roads For The Demand Of Reservation Ann

Tribal reservation: The issue of reservation is continuously gaining momentum...

Tribal reservation: The issue of reservation is continuously gaining momentum in Chhattisgarh. Tribal society has come out on the streets to protest against reducing 12% reservation out of 32. Sarva Adivasi Samaj performed a one-day protest today in Chhattisgarh regarding reservation. Due to the protest, the people of the tribal society blocked the road in many districts of Chhattisgarh. And in Balod, they demonstrated by sitting on the railway tracks.

Tribals are demanding 32% reservation
In Chhattisgarh, on Tuesday, the people of all the tribal communities of the state protested against the reduction of reservation and blocked the main intersections of the city while protesting in many districts of the state. The people of the tribal society protested against reservation in many districts including Raipur Kawardha, Balod, Durg Bhilai, Bastar. The demand of tribals is that they should be given 32% reservation.

Demonstration by sitting on railway track
In Balod, Chhattisgarh, the people of the tribal community blocked the road at Manpur Chowk on the Dalli Rajhara-Rajnandgaon main road. After this, the people of the community also went and sat on the tracks of the Durg-Dalli-Rajhara railway route and started protesting there with the flag of their community. However, the police administration, showing promptness, removed them from the track. It is a matter of pride that no train passed through there during the demonstration on the track.

Special session of Vidhansabha on 1-2 December on the issue of reservation

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Please tell that the Chhattisgarh government has approached the Supreme Court regarding the reservation issue. On the other hand, regarding the reservation matter, the state government has called a special session of the assembly on December 1 and 2, in which there will be a discussion on reservation. It is possible that an attempt should be made to increase the reservation by bringing a bill in the session. Anyway, CM Baghel has indicated to increase the reservation. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that the government is committed to 32% reservation for tribals, injustice will not be allowed to happen to the society.

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