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Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly: A big decision has been taken in...

Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly: A big decision has been taken in the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly. To save the Hasdeo forest, a non-government resolution has been passed in the assembly. In the non-government resolution, a demand has been made to cancel the allocation of coal mines of Hasdeo area to the central government. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has supported this resolution. After this, there has been a situation like braking on the exercise of starting coal mine in Hasdeo forest.

Non-official resolution passed in the assembly to save Hasdev
In fact, regarding the non-government resolution, Congress MLA Dharamjit Singh has said that Chhattisgarh has 5700 million tonnes of coal reserves. Out of this, only 158 million tonnes are being produced annually. Even if we increase it to 500 million tonnes annually, then only 25 thousand million tonnes of coal will be able to be dug for the next 50 years. Out of this, 13 thousand million tonnes of coal reserves are around the catchment area of ​​Hasdeo and Mand river. Further, he has advised all the MLAs in the assembly to go to Hasdeo forest. He said that if after going there you say that such a beautiful forest should be cut, then I would say that it should be cut right.

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CM said that the Gram Sabha was sidelined in the process of permission
Supporting the non-official resolution, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that by passing an official resolution in the Legislative Assembly, it has been recommended to the Central Government to withdraw a notification related to forests. In this notification of the Center, the Gram Sabha has been sidelined in the process of allowing non-forest activities in forest areas. Due to this the tribals and other people living in the forest areas will be badly affected. Hope the central government will listen to the voice of Chhattisgarh.

Now it will not be easy to open a coal mine in Hasdeo
It is worth mentioning that the movement to save Hasdev Aranya has been going on for a long time. Wild lovers are raising this issue till the country and abroad. After this the state government has come forward for the protection of Hasdev Aranya. At the same time, a resolution has to be sent to the Central Government regarding cancellation of permission for allocation of coal mines and amendment in forest rules in the assembly. After this, it is believed that opening a new coal mine in Hasdeo Aranya is not easy.

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