Chhattisgarh Video Of Doctor And Dresser Of Bilaspur Community Center Taking Money From Patients Goes Viral Ann

Bilaspur News: A government hospital in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh has been...

Bilaspur News: A government hospital in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh has been accused of taking money from patients for treatment. The patients undergoing treatment in the hospital have accused the doctor and the dresser of the hospital of taking money. A video of the dresser taking bribe has also surfaced.

doctor and tracer asked for money in exchange for treatment, video viral
This whole matter is related to Masturi Community Health Center of Bilaspur. Community health centers are opened in rural areas for the treatment of poor patients so that poor patients can get treatment free of cost. But this is not happening here. Money is being taken from patients for treatment in this hospital. A video from inside the hospital has also surfaced in which Rani Dixit, posted on the post of NRHM, is seen taking money from a patient and keeping it in the doctor’s drawer. She is telling the doctor that the head is one thousand, let’s see. Apart from this, Shyam Ratan, the dresser posted in the hospital, is also seen carrying money in his pocket.

Money transaction with dresser in video
In the video, the dresser is also telling a person that he has been working here for 36 years. Then you would not have been born. Further the dresser says that we are doing all the work. On this a patient says yes he is MBBS. Then the dresser replies that we can even do the operation. I am a resident of Chakarbhata. This conversation took place between the patient and the dresser

patient – ok let’s go
Dresser (Shyam Ratan) – Give it.
Patient – what?
Dresser – If you give it to me too then it will be made.
Patient – You also need expenses!
Dresser – It is not a matter, everything is given.
Patient – Now you will also take it.
Dresser – Yes brother.
Patient – Here you go brother.
Dresser- I don’t ask for much, if he had come to me, he would have done it for 500, after that the patient goes away after giving the money.

Fixed rate for each treatment
Money is being taken from the patients who had come here for treatment. This thing has been told by the patients present there themselves. They say that the rate of every treatment is fixed. On the condition of anonymity, a patient told that Dr. Anil Kumar had asked him for 1500 rupees for applying plaster on his hand. When asked to reduce something, he was treated for 1000 rupees. He said that if money is taken in such a government hospital, how will we do it, this is happening here every day. At the same time, a woman had also reached there for treatment. When he was asked whether money was taken, he told that the doctor took thousand rupees from him in the name of applying plaster and sent him to a medical shop for the bandage, where he bought a bandage worth Rs.300. In this way a total of 1500 rupees have been spent by him.

The doctor who took money said this
Here, in this matter, we have talked to the same doctor of the hospital, who is accused of taking money. Accused Dr. Anil Kumar, who works as a medical officer here, said that I am neither taking nor giving money from anyone. If someone has taken money from someone, then he is giving it. There is no point in letting the rest take away. On the other hand, when Rani Dixit took money, she said that she is a staff, she used to take money, but she had taken money 15 days ago.

CHMO took big action
In this matter, when Bilaspur CMHO Anil Srivastava was talked to, he told that he has also received a video, which we are investigating. A 5-member team has been formed for the investigation. Action will be taken according to whatever facts come in the investigation. Here the investigation team has handed over the investigation report to the CMHO, in which it has been found that in this video, the doctor and the tracer were taking money, on which the CMHO has attached the headquarters line to Dr. Anil Kumar, as well as suspending the dresser Shyam Ratan Pandey. Has been done.

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