China Company Punish Employees To Eat Raw Eggs If Target Is Not Completed

Punishment for Employees in China: In every country of the...

Punishment for Employees in China: In every country of the world, there is tension among the employees regarding the job. There are also strange rules regarding working culture in many places. At the same time, China is a country where there are very strict rules of job and working culture and employees have to face punishment if the target is not met. Recently, a Chinese company sentenced the employees to a very strange punishment, which is being discussed all over the world.

Expressing his pain on social media, an intern of China’s Zhengzhou Tech Company said that employees are also forced to mine raw eggs on poor performance here. The intern wrote on social media that there are very strange rules for the employees in the company, if an employee is not able to complete his target on time, then the company punishes him for eating raw eggs.

Health of many employees deteriorated by eating raw eggs
The intern further said that when he refused to do so, the management got angry and he was forced to end the internship. The intern also told that the employees who are forced to eat raw eggs also vomit but the management does not care about it at all. If someone raises a question about this, then HR directly says that which law prohibits eating raw eggs?

The company is being criticized on social media
At the same time, a lot of criticism has also started on social media regarding this punishment by the Chinese company for eating raw eggs to the employees. Many users say that this is not true at all and it is completely inhuman. Eating raw eggs causes many damages to the body. After the matter came into the limelight, the Labor Inspection Brigade of Jinshui district has started investigation. Although the company’s management says that the employee is responsible for the sales process, in such a situation, if he gets reward, then he will have to face punishment.

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