China Has Fired 11 Ballistic Missiles In Taiwan Maritime Border Amid Tension Raised Due To Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit: Angered by the visit of US...

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit: Angered by the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has carried out provocations around Taiwan. China has fired several ballistic missiles in the northeast and southwest of Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the Chinese government for deliberately testing missiles in waters near other countries. Taiwan said doing so threatened Taiwan’s national security, increased regional tensions and affected regular international traffic and trade.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry said that these missiles have been fired from China in our maritime border. China has fired 11 ballistic missiles in about 2 hours. The provocation is threatening our security, increasing tensions in the region and hindering international transport and trade. We condemn this irresponsible behavior and urge the international community to do the same. We will work with friends and partners to maintain the status quo and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific. Taiwan strongly condemns China for this.

China told military exercise

Regarding this, China said that it has carried out precise missile strikes in the Taiwan Strait on Thursday as part of military exercises. China’s Eastern Theater Command said on Thursday it had completed several firings of conventional missiles on waters off the east coast of Taiwan as part of a planned exercise. After the completion of the firing exercise, control over the respective maritime and airspace has been withdrawn.

Tension created by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

China had earlier announced that military exercises by its navy, air force and other departments were underway in six areas around Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its territory. America’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently in Taiwan. China had warned Nancy Pelosi not to travel to Taiwan. After Nancy Pelosi reached Taiwan, China told America that this is an attempt to provoke China and its result will not be good.

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