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Chinese Foreign Minister on India-China Relations: Relations between India and...

Chinese Foreign Minister on India-China Relations: Relations between India and China have been going bad for many years over the border dispute. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that the common interests of China and India are more than differences. The Chinese Foreign Minister says that the two countries should put the differences on the border in the right place and resolve the dispute through dialogue and consultation. He emphasized the need for both the countries to take steps towards improving bilateral relations.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in his first meeting with India’s Ambassador to China Pradeep Kumar Rawat in Beijing on Wednesday, said the two countries support each other to weaken each other and build trust instead of suspicion. should do. Pradeep Kumar Rawat has become India’s ambassador to China in March itself.

Dragon’s Damage Control!

China’s foreign minister said that the two sides should meet each other at the earliest to stabilize bilateral ties and get back on the path of development. Ahead of the 14th BRICS summit, there was a meeting of the Chinese Foreign Minister with Ambassador Pradeep Rawat. On this occasion, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that the common interests of China and India are more than their differences. Both sides should support instead of weakening each other. Instead of guarding against each other, cooperation should be strengthened and mutual trust should be increased instead of doubting each other.

Chinese Foreign Minister’s 4-Point Agenda

Wang Yi is also a State Counselor. He put forward a four-point agenda to define and advance relations with India. The four principles mentioned include the need to adhere to the important strategic agreement reached by the top leadership of both the countries. He said that China and India are not competitors, but partners. China and India will not pose a threat to each other and there are opportunities for mutual development for both. Let us inform that after more than 24 months, despite several rounds of diplomatic talks and talks between the armed forces, military deployment continues on both sides of the LAC in Eastern Ladakh.

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