China-Pakistan: Another trouble has fallen on Pakistan, which is in debt to China and Saudi Arabia. In fact, China’s power companies have threatened Pakistan, which is moving towards poverty. Giving an ultimatum, the Chinese power company said that if Pakistan is not able to pay their 300 billion rupees, then they will drown the whole of Pakistan in darkness by shutting down the electricity supply.

Let us tell you that Pakistan is largely dependent on Chinese companies in the matter of electricity. Under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), 30 Chinese power companies are operating in Pakistan. At the same time, the threat came when Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal, in a meeting with Chinese companies on Monday, urged to increase their production to the maximum level in view of the increasing heat in Pakistan.

On hearing about increasing the production of electricity, the representatives of Chinese companies got furious and gave an ultimatum to Pakistan to pay the outstanding 300 billion rupees.

Pakistan moves towards economic crisis

Like Sri Lanka, the neighboring country of Pakistan is also rapidly deepening towards the political crisis as well as the economic crisis. The graph of political stability in Pakistan is going down, the credibility of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar is also going down the abyss. The rising dollar value is very bad news for Pakistan’s already decaying treasury. Because it simply means that Pakistan will have to import its needs at expensive prices. That is, to a large extent, the situation is progressing on the same path as Sri Lanka.

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