China Taiwan Tension After Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit China-Taiwan Import Export Suspension Know The Importance Of South China Sea

China Taiwan Conflict: The tension between China and Taiwan remains....

China Taiwan Conflict: The tension between China and Taiwan remains. Although Taiwan does not stand in front of China in terms of military strength, but due to the support of America, the show of strength of the armies of two countries in India’s neighborhood can take the form of a big war. At present, China seems a bit weak in this confrontation because Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan and even returned and China kept watching. Meanwhile, China will use Dragon long-range artillery and DF-17 hypersonic missiles for the first time in an exercise off the coast of Taiwan today. The Global Times report states that these missiles will fly over Taiwan for the first time.

China has taken its first step against Taiwan amid tensions. China has announced major trade sanctions on Taiwan as a punishment for hosting US Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Now China will not import fruits and fish from Taiwan.

China imposed trade restrictions

China has imposed several trade sanctions amid tensions with Taiwan. Biscuit and pastries coming from Taiwan have also been banned in China. Apart from this, the export of sugar sand was banned. China has banned dozens of Taiwanese companies. All this was done because China is the largest trade partner of Taiwan. In such a situation, the ban on import-export will give a big blow to Taiwan’s economy, but if the tension between America and China increases and the situation reaches to war, then this shock of the economy will not stop only to Taiwan because then the fight will be fought in that South China Sea. South China Sea), due to which tensions between the US and China are already intact.

Which countries border the South China Sea?

The South China Sea ie South China Sea borders 10 countries including China. These include countries like China, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. China has also had a dispute with some of these countries because China has occupied about 90 percent of this sea. Some time ago China surprised the world, when it started bridging some parts of the ocean. China put a strong foundation inside the sea and built artificial islands there.

artificial island in the sea

The artificial island in the middle of the sea is China’s most ambitious and most dangerous project, which is also destroying the environment in the ocean. America got to know about it for a long time. China is building a military base here by enlarging the existing islands located in this sea so that it can interfere in Southeast Asia, but what is it that China wants to keep this area under its control at all costs? One of the biggest reasons for this is the priceless treasure of nature hidden in the womb of the South China Sea.

How much treasure is in the South China Sea?

According to an estimate, there is about 11 billion barrels of oil in the South China Sea, which has not been exploited. Not only this, there are reserves of about 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the South China Sea. This is the reason why China’s activities and dominance of China on the South China Sea has been knocking America and Western countries. In fact, the interest of other countries including America increased in this area when China started the exploration of oil in this sea.

How important is the South China Sea?

This is a matter of the 1970s, otherwise no other country had claimed this piece of sea till then. Economically and strategically, the South China Sea is considered very important. If gunpowder is being sown in the depths of the South China Sea today. Several thousand hectares of new land has been prepared by bridging its islands.
And military bases are being built here. The connection of all these activities is connected not only with security interests but also with economic interests, South China Sea is one of the busiest sea routes. 80 percent of the world’s trade is done by sea. While a third of this business passes through the South China Sea. China is eyeing this business. International affairs expert Qamar Agha also agrees to this.

Dragon wants to increase his dominance?

It is not hidden from anyone that through the South China Sea, China wants to increase its dominance in Southeast Asia, but America has increased its presence in the Southeast Asian countries connected with this sea. ) has been challenged. China wants to drive America out of here at any cost. In such a situation, now the question is whether this competition to dominate the ocean has brought it to the brink of war? America’s love for Taiwan, located on one side of the South China Sea, is why it is knocking China. After 25 years in Taiwan, China is furious with the entry of American Speaker Nancy Pelosi and increased its military activities in the South China Sea area.

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