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China Taiwan Tension Live: US Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan...

China Taiwan Tension Live: US Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit was on a visit to Taiwan yesterday i.e. on August 3. During this he met with President Tsai Ing-wen and other lawmakers there. Before meeting the President, Nancy also addressed the Parliament of Taiwan. “We commend Taiwan for being one of the most independent societies in the world,” Pelosi told Taiwan’s parliament. He said that we have come here to listen to you. Taiwan has set an example in the fight against Corona. At the same time, we are all proud of the Taiwan-US friendship.

On the other hand, annoyed by this move of America, China has come into action. This is the first time that the foundation of Xi Jinping’s One China Policy has been shaken. This is the first time that two superpowers have come face to face openly regarding Taiwan. In this Bethlahat, China imposed many economic sanctions on Taiwan. Military exercises are also going on. Meanwhile, the question is arising that what is China going to do now?

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