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China Vs America: Tension between China and America has increased...

China Vs America: Tension between China and America has increased due to the visit of US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. America is being attacked through Chinese media. China has said through the official newspaper Global Times that America is trying to suppress it under the guise of Taiwan. It was written in the newspaper that America does not have the power to suppress China, so it is taking recourse to Taiwan. At the same time, Nancy Pelosi has said that she will continue to work to protect democracy and human rights. After arriving in South Korea from Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi tweeted, in which she said, “America will stand with the people of Taiwan, we are committed to protecting democracy and human rights.”

The White House has said on Pelosi’s visit that the speaker has the right to travel wherever he wants. Keeping in mind the national security and their decision, we provide them support and give geopolitical briefings. The White House said it does not decide where Pelosi goes. She herself decides. On behalf of the White House, it was said that as everyone knows that the President was a senator for 36 years, he understands the personal fact. So this is the first thing. It doesn’t make any difference to our long-term plans, US policy.

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What did the White House say?

The White House said that we have made it clear. Nothing has changed since Pelosi’s visit. Pelosi set an example, we talked about her visit to Taiwan here. Nothing has changed, so there is no reason for Beijing to oppose the visit. The President spoke to the Chinese counterpart last week. This was his fifth talk. He has continued the open dialogue. That’s what we’ve been wanting with China. There is no reason to see any change in US policy, it continues as it is. At the same time, a retired Taiwanese lieutenant general Herman Shuai said that the Chinese military’s maneuver could pose a threat to Taiwan’s major ports and shipping lanes.

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