Chinese Man Is 50 Year Old Completes 42 Km Marathon While Smoking Cigarettes

Chinese Man Marathon: The purpose of running a marathon is...

Chinese Man Marathon: The purpose of running a marathon is to promote fitness and improve health. Running a marathon is not easy. It requires training and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Undoubtedly, people who run marathons are considered to be among the most health-conscious. However, a Chinese runner, also known as ‘Uncle Chen’, ran a marathon while chain-smoking. This news also went viral.

We are all aware that smoking cigarettes hinders running performance. If you smoke, you get less oxygen to your heart, lungs and muscles, which makes it very difficult for you to run.

Completed the marathon in three hours 28 minutes

According to media reports, 50-year-old Chen completed a 42 km marathon while smoking on November 6 in Jiande, China. He finished the race in three hours and 28 minutes, finishing 574th out of about 1500 runners who took part in the competition. He did all this while smoking a cigarette. Their pictures first went viral on Weibo, a Chinese social media app, which drew mixed reactions. Meanwhile, the organizers of the event also celebrated their achievement by sharing their finishing certificates later.

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Uncle Chen did this before

This is not the first time that Uncle Chen has done such a strange stunt. According to Running Magazine, he lit several cigarettes while running in the 2018 Guangzhou Marathon and 2019 Xiamen Marathon and did so while smoking. Chen completed the race in 3:36 hours in 2018 and 3:32 hours in 2019. The report also states that the 50-year-old had also participated in an ultra marathon, in which he covered a distance of 50 km in 12 hours.

Photos viral all over social media

Uncle Chen’s pictures have gone viral all over the social media, seeing which the users are shocked. Some scoffed at it, while others said “actions like this set a bad precedent.” Reacting to the news on Instagram, a user wrote, “Sadly, this proves nothing. If he didn’t smoke, he would have performed better and I’m sure he knows that.” “His lungs must have literally been crying out for help,” wrote another. Currently, there are no rules prohibiting marathon runners from smoking cigarettes during competition.

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