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Chinese Manjha Ban: The Delhi High Court has sought a...

Chinese Manjha Ban: The Delhi High Court has sought a response from the Delhi Police on the application filed for a ban on kite flying in the country’s capital Delhi. On Thursday, the Delhi High Court asked the Delhi Police what they have done to take steps in this direction. At the same time, the Delhi High Court will hear the matter on Friday.

Impossible to catch the culprit in case of an accident with the manjha
Actually, lawyer Sansher Singh has filed this petition in the Delhi High Court regarding the accidents caused by kite manja. It has been said in the petition that many people and birds have died due to accidents caused by kite string. Also many people got injured due to this, such accidents are happening regularly. The life and safety of Delhi residents and birds are at risk due to kite flying. The only solution is a complete ban on flying, making, selling, buying, storing and transporting kites and the manufacture of items used in making and flying kites. Because in some cases it is quite impossible to catch the culprit responsible for an accident caused by a kite thread.

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Selling Chinese Manjha banned in Delhi
Please tell that selling Chinese manjha is prohibited in Delhi. While ensuring this, they are being arrested by conducting raids continuously in many areas of Delhi. Last days (July 27), 30-year-old Sumit Ranga, a resident of Rohini Sector-3, Delhi, was passing through Haiderpur flyover on his motorcycle when his neck was cut by a Chinese manja. Sumit Ranga had died on the way to the hospital. In fact, due to August 15, the sale of Chinese manjha in Delhi increases significantly.

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