CM Arvind Kejriwal Addresses Special Session Of Delhi Assembly On Delhi Excise Case

Arvind kejriwal In Delhi Assembly Session: The Aam Aadmi Party...

Arvind kejriwal In Delhi Assembly Session: The Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi has called a special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly today. CM Arvind Kejriwal is addressing the house. The CM said that there is only one education minister in this country. Even if you ask the people of America, they say that Manish Sisodia is the Education Minister. If any news is published against the country in any corner of the world, it hurts a lot. Bringing light to the name of the country all over the world.

CM Kejriwal said that within 75 years the country was scuttled. Together these people hatched a conspiracy that the government of Delhi should be brought down, all the anti-national forces gathered. As a result, Manish Sisodia was falsely accused. In Manish Sisodia’s house 4-5 rooms were red for 14 hours. After tearing the mattress and pillows, he came out in the evening and did not even get the chawni. Raid took 7 to 8 days, then there was no result. It was a completely fake road.

He said that Manish Sisodia got a call the next day, an offer was made from BJP to become CM. I must have done some karma in the previous life, so become a Deputy CM like him. Who turned down the post of CM. Operation Lotus is going on in Delhi. 800 crores have been kept in Delhi for horse-trading. Their stronghold is collapsing in Gujarat and other states. If we declare that we will not contest the Gujarat elections, then all investigations will be stopped.

The CM said that the governments of every state are engaged in toppling, a serial killer has come to the city, who is being murdered one after the other. These people have bought 277 MLAs till date. Crores of rupees have been spent for that.

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