Common Diseases In Winter Season

Winter Problem: The winter season is about to knock soon....

Winter Problem: The winter season is about to knock soon. After the end of September, many people are seen drinking ginger tea and coffee. As much as the chilly winds give peace to the mind, it also brings with it many types of diseases. Yes, in winter you are prone to many diseases. Today in this article we will tell you about such diseases which knock in winter. Let us know about such diseases-

cold fever

As soon as the winter season comes, many people get to see the problem of cold and fever. Health experts say that due to changing weather or exposure to infection, children and elders can have problems of cold and fever. People suffering from this problem have problems like headache, body pain, cough and nasal congestion.

Joint pain

You may also have joint pain problems in winters. Especially those who have the problem of arthritis, their problem increases a lot in this season. If you also have arthritis, then take special care of yourself.


In the cold season, people often also have problems with tonsils. Tonsils are caused by swelling of two oval shaped tissue pads at the back of the throat. Due to this problem, there is burning and pain in the throat. Also, there is trouble in eating and drinking.


Young children can get a (viral) lung infection as the cold progresses. This is a very serious situation. Due to this problem, mucus starts to build up in the smallest air passages of the lungs. Due to which the children start suffering a lot.

ear infection

There is also a risk of ear infection when the cold increases. In this condition, there is severe pain inside the ear. Along with this, there is also a feeling of itching and closure in the mine.

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