Congress Gave The First Dalit And The First Muslim – President And BJP Will Give First Tribal President

NDA Presidential Candidate 2022: For the National Democratic Front (NDA),...

NDA Presidential Candidate 2022: For the National Democratic Front (NDA), the country’s ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced the candidate for the Presidential election. Draupadi Murmu will become the presidential candidate from NDA. This decision was taken in the BJP’s Parliamentary Board meeting held after the meeting held at the BJP headquarters late on Tuesday evening. Earlier, a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board was held at the party headquarters to brainstorm on the name of the Presidential candidate.

With this, if Draupadi Murmu wins the presidential election, then she will be the first president of the country to come from the tribal community. This means BJP has cleared the way for giving the country the first tribal community president. On the other hand, if we talk about Dalit, the first Dalit President was given by Congress when KR Narayanan was sworn in as President in the year 1997. Although his claim was very strong at that time because he had the support of all the opposition. On the other hand, if we talk about the first Muslim President of the country, then Congress had given us that too. In the year 1967, Zakir Hussain became the first President of the country. He was the President for 4 years and he died while in office.

Know who is NDA’s candidate Draupadi Murmu?
As soon as the name of the presidential candidate was announced by the NDA in the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting today, the question on everyone’s tongue was, after all, who is Draupadi Murmu, whom BJP has made the presidential candidate. So let us tell you about Draupadi Murmu. Yesterday was Draupadi Murmu’s 64th birthday. Draupadi belongs to the tribal society and hails from Rairangpur in Odisha. Murmu has been the governor of Jharkhand for the last one month. If sources are to be believed, Murmu may file her nomination on June 25 as the BJP has asked all its union ministers to stay in Delhi till June 25. June 29 is the last date for filing nominations.

Congress gave the country the first Dalit President
KR Narayanan became the first Dalit President of the country on July 17, 1997 under the leadership of the Country Congress. Prior to this, he had also held the post of Vice President in the year 1992. Narayanan had said that he was neither a staunch supporter of communism nor an opponent of it. Despite the difference of opinion between the Left Front and Narayanan, the Left Front, in the Vice Presidential election and later in the Presidential election, defeated KR. Totally supported Narayanan. July 17, 1997 was the historic date when the country got the first Dalit President, who defeated his strong rival former Election Commissioner TN Seshan. Narayanan got 95 percent of the votes in this election. All parties except Shiv Sena voted in favor of Narayanan. Before this, no Dalit in the country had become the President.

In the year 1967, Congress gave the country the first Muslim President
On 13 May 1967, Zakir Hussain took over as the first Muslim President of the country. Let us tell you that even before becoming the President, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year 1963. The country knows Zakir Hussain as a great politician, educationist, and settled person. He was the first President of the country who died during his tenure. Zakir Hussain had laid the foundation of Jamia Millia Islamia University in the year 1920 in Aligarh, UP which later shifted to Delhi. Both Zakir Hussain and his wife were buried in the Jamia campus after their death.

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