President should be Consistent Leader: In the ongoing Congress Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, a demand arose to make Rahul Gandhi the full-time president of the party. Demanding this, Congress Lok Sabha MP from Kerala TN Pratapan made a big statement that the Congress President should be a regular politician. The process of organization election is going on in the Congress, so there is no formal discussion about the Congress President in Udaipur Chintan Shivir, but the leaders are demanding clarity in the party leadership. In this episode, the Lok Sabha MP from Kerala demanded Rahul to take over again.

Earlier, in all the meetings of the Congress Working Committee, there has been a demand by senior leaders to make Rahul Gandhi the president again. According to sources, in the meeting of SIDBI held in March, Rahul had assured the leaders that he was seriously considering it. After the defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of party president. After this, Sonia Gandhi had to take over the reins of the party again.

Rahul’s big role in important decisions of the party
Although Rahul Gandhi played an important role behind the scenes in important decisions of the party, but he is accused of showing activism only on Twitter against the Modi government. Taking a veiled taunt on this, T Pratapan said that the party president should be active regularly.

Rahul gets criticized on foreign tours during critical times
Rahul Gandhi is under criticism for going on a foreign tour at a crucial time. During his recent visit to Nepal, questions were raised about his presence in a disco. It remains to be seen whether big changes are being talked about in the Congress’s Chintan Shivir, but what changes does Rahul Gandhi bring in himself? The biggest question is whether he will take over the reins of the party again?

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