Congress Protest Robert Vadra Slams Modi Govt Over Inflation Economy And Unemployment Issues In Facebook Post | Congress Protest: Robert Vadra attacked Modi Govt, said

Robert Vadra FB Post: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi's husband...

Robert Vadra FB Post: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra has surrounded the Narendra Modi government at the Center regarding inflation, economy and unemployment. Robert Vadra attacked the Modi government through a Facebook post. He wrote, “There is government from the people, not the people from the government.” Congress is holding a nationwide protest today against inflation.

Robert Vadra wrote in his Facebook post, “The rising inflation to suppress the voice of the public and the imposition of GST on food will not end the questions raised on the government. After all, what is the government doing to overcome the falling economy and the ever-increasing unemployment, we should also ask this question to the government? You can forget the promises made to the public, but not the public. The voice of the people can neither be suppressed nor ignored because there is government from the people, not the people from the government.

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Vadra targets Modi government through social media

Vadra is active on social media and is often targeted by the Modi government. In a post dated July 31, he wrote, “Stand up for what is right and fight with all your might, even if you stand alone, oblivious to any fear, you will be joined by many who will be on you and your strength.” But on July 27, he posted a poster with a picture of himself with Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, in which he wrote, “We will not bow down, we will not stop because the love of the countrymen is with us.” Is. In the same post, he wrote, “We will never stop raising people’s issues, will fight unconditionally for their rights and remain strong for the people, no matter what pressure is put on us.”

Let us tell you that the Congress is constantly attacking the Modi government for the ED’s action against Rahul and Sonia Gandhi and today the party is protesting across the country on the issue of inflation. Congress had also called a press conference on this issue today, in which Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi made a scathing attack on the Modi government. He compared PM Modi to dictator Hitler.

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