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Congress Protest Delhi: Amidst the ED's action, Congress has come...

Congress Protest Delhi: Amidst the ED’s action, Congress has come out on the streets against inflation and unemployment across the country. Congress leaders are protesting across the country including Delhi. Congress is preparing to march till Rashtrapati Bhavan and PM’s residence in Delhi. Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi held a press conference. During this, Rahul Gandhi said that, how do you feel seeing the country’s democracy coming to an end. There is no democracy in the country today. Today there is a dictatorship of four people in the country. We want to raise the issue of inflation, unemployment. We want to discuss about it. We are not allowed to speak. There is no discussion in Parliament. We are arrested. This is the condition of India today. Rahul said that our democracy of 70 years has ended in 8 years.

Rahul told why the opposition is not visible
Rahul Gandhi further said that the opposition which fights in a democracy fights on the strength of the institutions. The opposition stands on the strength of the country’s judiciary and media. But today all these institutions are supporting the government. The government has kept its people sitting here. Not every institution in India is independent today. We are not fighting a single political party, we are fighting with the entire infrastructure. Rahul said that, if someone should support the opposition, then ED and CBI are put behind him. That’s why the effect of the opposition is not visible.

Government denies everything – Rahul
Regarding inflation, Rahul said that the Finance Minister does not know why inflation is not visible. One is reality and the other is perception. They say there is Startup India, tell me where is this Startup India. They are kicking people out. These people say that no one died in Corona. The UN is saying that 5 million people died, but they are saying that all this is a lie. On unemployment, the government says that there is no truth in this. They have complete communication structure in their hands.

Regarding the action of ED, Rahul said that whatever I speak, the more action will be taken against me. I’m not afraid. There will be more attacks against me now. He who threatens is afraid. These people are afraid of the condition of India. They are afraid of the promises they made. Afraid of the power of the people. Fear of inflation and unemployment. These people do the work of lying 24 hours a day.

Rahul Gandhi said that, if not only the Congress but any actor or any person speaks against the government in the country, then the whole system is put behind it. Democracy is over in India. It will have to bear the consequences. The people of India are not going to sit silent. Rahul said that even Hitler had won the election. Because he had control of all the institutions in his hands.

ED’s atmosphere of terror in the country – Gehlot
During this, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, who was present in the press conference, said that the Constitution is being blown away in the country. There is an atmosphere of ED terror in the country. A very dangerous game is going on in the country. The media of the country has to understand that the newspaper is under attack, tomorrow they may also be attacked. The media today needs to show courage. If we remain silent today, history will not forgive us.

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