Congress Will Win At Least 40 Seats And Form Government In Himachal Pradesh Says Pratibha Virbhadra Singh

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022: The public has voted for...

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022: The public has voted for the Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022. Now the fate of the state leaders will be decided on December 8. Before that all the political parties are trying to form their own government. In this sequence, Himachal Pradesh Congress President Pratibha Virbhadra Singh has said that the Congress government will be formed in the state.

Pratibha Singh has said that the Congress will win with a good majority and form the government in the state. We will win at least 40 assembly seats. Attacking the BJP, he said that the BJP’s tenure in Himachal Pradesh was disappointing as there was no development or special plan for the state. Earlier, he had demanded the Election Commission to keep an eye on the BJP. During its tenure in the state, the BJP did not give any assurance to the people on the issue of Old Pension Scheme (OPS). Many pensioners are with us on this issue. We have mentioned many issues including OPS, inflation and employment in our election manifesto.

Pratibha Singh’s allegation on BJP

Pratibhi Singh demanded the Election Commission to keep a close watch on the functioning of BJP leaders. He alleges that the BJP may try to influence the assembly elections by using money power in the last moments of the assembly elections. He has also urged the commission to ensure strict security of EVMs so that no one can attempt to break into it. He has said that seeing its possible defeat, BJP is also trying to intimidate people by misusing power.

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responsibility to carry on the legacy

Pratibha is the wife of Virbhadra Singh, the five-time Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. For almost four decades, the command of the Congress in Himachal remained in the hands of Virbhadra. After his death in the year 2021, this is the first major election of the Congress. In this election, the command of Congress is with Pratibha Singh, wife of Virbhadra. The challenge is to carry forward the legacy of Virbhadra on Pratibha. Along with him, his son Vikramaditya is also actively engaged with the youth workers.

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