Corona virus has caused havoc in many countries of the world. Now North Korea, a country untouched by this virus, has also come under the grip of infection. In fact, according to the AFP news agency, the infection of corona in North Korea is increasing. According to the report that came on Friday due to Kovid, six people have died here due to ‘fever’. Also, symptoms of fever were found in 1,87,000 people. All people with symptoms are being treated by keeping them in isolation.

Let us inform that on Thursday, the news of the first case of new variant Omicron of Kovid in the country came to the fore. After which the administration imposed a lockdown in the entire country to avoid infection. According to the officials, the person who came to know about Omicron infected was suffering from fever for a long time. When the investigation was done, it was found that he is in the grip of a new variant of Corona.

So far more than one million people have died of corona in America

The highest number of cases of this virus, which has made the whole world a victim of its infection, have been registered in America so far. If the latest figures are to be believed, on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said in a statement that more than one million people have died due to corona in America so far, which is a very sad figure for us. This is the moment to accept the pain of those who have lost loved ones.

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