Countries Like UK And Switzerland Hindered The TRIPS Waver In The WTO Ministerial Conference Ann

WTO Ministerial Conference 2022: Tensions between developed and developing countries...

WTO Ministerial Conference 2022: Tensions between developed and developing countries have created barriers to patent exemptions. The 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization is going on in Geneva, Switzerland. In such a situation, host countries Switzerland and Britain are reportedly opposing the proposal of giving IPR to developing countries during the pandemic at the forum of the World Trade Organization. Because of this, the proposal of TRIPS Waver is not being passed.

India had suggested

In the World Trade Organization ministerial conference, India had suggested that developed countries and big pharma companies should consider humanitarian issues during the pandemic. India had said that it and the world have to come out of the difficulties created by the Kovid epidemic. While telling the developed countries about this, it was said from India that the developing countries are not getting help due to the competition to maintain the market hold of the developed countries and earn profits. At the same time, they are not ready to relax the terms of intellectual property rights on vaccines in developing countries. Because of this, developing and poor countries are not getting the benefit through TRIPS waver.

The host country did not agree

While many countries were on the verge of agreeing on exemption on intellectual property rights at the WTO ministerial conference, some developed countries like UK, Switzerland have rejected it. This draft is against the pursuit of economic interests. Despite this, the market of developing countries is a major source of income for the developed world. A year and a half ago, India and South Africa demanded that developing countries be helped and humane treatment by granting patent exemptions even in times of pandemic without receiving financial benefits on vaccines. More than 150 countries had also supported the demand, including 164 member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, even at such times, there is growing opposition to patents, believing that developing countries are a source of income. Only a handful of rich countries are trying to obstruct this process, so it is difficult to reach any conclusion on this issue, unless the rich and developed countries are ready for it.

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