Covid-19 Update Lancet Study Says 46 Percent Children Suffer From Long Covid Post Infection

Covid-19 Update Study on Children Infection: The war against Corona...

Covid-19 Update Study on Children Infection: The war against Corona is still going on all over the world. Even after the recovery of the corona infected patient, problems of Long Kovid-19 are being seen in many people. Most of these problems are seen in adults. Even after recovery from corona, problems of fatigue and weakness have been commonly seen in people for many days, but now cases of long covid have been seen in children too. Even after recovering from Corona, many problems have been seen in children. A study in Denmark has revealed that even after recovering from the disease, about 46 percent of children are showing corona-like symptoms for at least 2 months.

During the study, researchers used a national-level sample of children in Denmark and matched COVID-positive cases with a control group of children with a prior history of infection. This research has been published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health Journals.

Symptoms of long covid infection in children

According to Lasant’s study, 46 percent of children aged 0-14 years were found to have long Kovid symptoms like adults and the elderly. Research has found that even after recovering from the infection, these children can suffer from long covid problems for at least two months. In the age group of 0-3 years, 40 per cent of children diagnosed with COVID-19 (478 out of 1,194 children) experienced symptoms for more than two months. In the same 4-11 age group, this ratio was 38 percent while in the 12-14 age group this ratio was 46% percent.

Study purpose?

The overall objective of the study was to determine the quality of life, and absence from school or day care, along with long-lasting COVID symptoms in children. Professor Celina Kikenborg from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark said that further research on the long-term consequences of the epidemic on all children will be important.

What are the symptoms in children after recovery from corona?

During the research, 23 most common symptoms of Long Kovid (Covid-19) in children were asked. Body rashes and abdominal pain were most commonly seen in 0-3 year olds. The same problems were observed in children aged 4-11 years with memory, concentrating and body rashes. At the same time, fatigue, trouble remembering or concentrating were the most common symptoms in children aged 12-14 years. Dr JS Bhasin, Director and Head of the Department of Pediatrics, BLK Hospital, Delhi, also believes that some children took longer to recover.

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