Cows Festival: There are many types of festivals in the world. You must have heard about the bull competition in Spain. Spain is also known for its bull competition. But very few people know that there is also a competition of cows in which the queen of cows is chosen. Yes you heard right. Cows compete in Switzerland. This match is also called Battle of Queens or Herren’s National Cow Fighting. Here the cows fight to lead the herd and fight for their supremacy.

The winning cow has got the Queen’s crown

The cow that wins this battle for supremacy is crowned queen. For your information, let us tell you that this competition of cows continues until one cow forces all the other cows to retreat. When a cow wins this competition, it is awarded the crown of Queen of the Battle. In this fight, the cows have come forward fighting their head with the other’s head. Although the cows also get hurt in this fight, their horns are injured.

Swiss cow fight is different from Spanish bullfight

You must have heard about Spain’s bullfight, where bulls are left behind humans and humans run away to save their lives. Humans also die in this game. There has also been a demand to ban this bullfight, but this tradition has been going on here for centuries. So there is no danger to the life of any human being in the fight of Queen of Cow to be held in Switzerland. Here there is competition only between the cows. That’s why the Spanish bull fight is completely different from the Swiss cow fight.

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