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Mainpat Weather Update: The beauty of Mainpat, the main tourist...

Mainpat Weather Update: The beauty of Mainpat, the main tourist destination of Surguja district, popularly known as ‘Shimla of Chhattisgarh’, is on the seventh sky these days. The pre-monsoon rains have dissolved the coolness in the winds of Mainpat. The clouds have started descending on the ground, while the trees and plants lying deserted after autumn have been covered with greenery. Although there is a time of arrival of tourists in Mainpat all the time, but these days the weather of Mainpat has become pleasant. Due to which the possibility of increasing tourists has increased further.

Actually, it is cold throughout the year in Mainpat, the hill station of Chhattisgarh, situated in the hills of Surguja. There are many beautiful places for sightseeing here. In which Buddhist temple, Ulta-Pani, Tiger Point, Jaljali, Mehta Point, Tea Garden and many other places are included. Tourists arrive from other districts of the state to roam here. Apart from this, people also have to come from different states of the country. At the same time, facilities for tourists have been expanded in Mainpat by the tourism department.

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clouds falling on the ground

Let us tell you that in the cold months in Mainpat, people gather to celebrate Christmas and New Year. At this time people from Bilaspur to Bastar are reaching not only Surguja in Mainpat, but the weather here becomes pleasant during the rainy days more than the cold. After light rain for the last two-three days, clouds have started descending on the hills of Mainpat. Those who are looking very attractive and beautiful, after getting the latest pictures of Mainpat on social media, the number of tourists has also increased.

That’s why Mainpat is special

Most people like to spend time in waterfalls, hills and beautiful plains, but in Shimla Mainpat of Chhattisgarh, apart from waterfalls, hills and beautiful forests, many wonders are also found. Actually, after entering Mainpat, there is a place named Ulta Pani in Bisarpani village. Here the water is flowing upwards from the field. Which is the center of attraction of the people. Where does it go that the force of gravity does not work here?

Jaljali Point

Apart from this, another wonderful place of Mainpat is Jaljali Point. By jumping on the ground of this place, the ground of that place starts shaking. It seems that some rubber has been put at the bottom, the researchers say that earlier there was a gate of the volcano at this place. Jaljali Point is also the main place of Mainpat, people come here to spend time with their friends, family members.

Features are expanding

Let us tell you that two-three years ago there was a lack of facilities in the tourist places of Mainpat. And now the facilities are expanding. In major places, small shops have been opened for tourists with seating facilities for food and parking arrangements have been made. At the same time, the special thing is that in Mainpat, women of self-help groups run the shop, due to which they have also got employment.

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