Crypto Currency: Terra-Luna has been completely devastated by the severe fall in the cryptocurrency market. Its investors were completely ruined. All his investments sunk in a week. Because of this Indian crypto exchanges have delisted Terra Luna from their platform.

According to the data, at one time the price of Terra Luna had reached a high of $ 118. But now its price has remained only a few cents. The entire investment of the investors has sunk. This token has drowned $40 billion of investors. Within 24 hours, the value of this cryptocurrency fell by 99 percent.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap show that the market value of cryptocurrencies has dropped by $800 billion in the past month. Almost all cryptocurrencies have continued to fall heavily for a long time.

Indian exchanges delisted

Crypto exchange WazirX has said that it has delisted Luna/USDT, Luna/INR and Luna/WRX from its platform. Investors can withdraw their Luna funds for free. USDT is stablecoin and WRX is Wazirex utility token.

Apart from Wazirex, other crypto exchanges Zebpay, CoinDCX have also removed it from their active token list.

Here is the list

However, its presence on another platform Geotuss will remain for the time being. Jiotus CEO Vikram Subburaj has told that things could change if Terra restarts the blockchain.

In such a situation, Luna can find a new path for itself and re-enter its presence in the ecosystem. At present, given the current situation, the possibility of this is very less.

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