CWG 2022: Silver Medalist Tulika Maan Reduced Her Weight 30 Kg To Come Birmingham Coach Revealed

Commonwealth Games 2022, Tulika Maan Story: Tulika Mann, who won...

Commonwealth Games 2022, Tulika Maan Story: Tulika Mann, who won a silver medal in judo at the ongoing 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, says that she is not fully fit yet. Meanwhile, her coach has revealed that paintbrush had lost 30 kg to come to Birmingham.

Tulika’s name was not among the players whose names were prepared for the Commonwealth Games a year ago as she was unfit. The fight at the Birmingham Games was not as tough as it might be in the Asian Games which is his next target but the almost six feet tall player worked hard on his fitness to compete in the 78kg.

Judo coach Jeevan Sharma told PTI, “A year ago, when potential players were selected, the paintbrush was not among them. His weight was 115 kg then but he reduced it to 85 kg. Right now his weight is 89-90 kg.

Tulika trains under coach Yashpal Solanki at the Sports Authority of India’s Bhopal center and dedicated her silver at the medal ceremony on Wednesday to her coach and mother, who is working in Delhi Police. When she was two years old her father passed away.

Tulika said, “I did not come here for the silver medal. Who knows what will happen the next time I participate in the Commonwealth Games. I have to change the color of the medal. I can’t be satisfied with this performance of mine.

Paintbrush lost to Sarah Adlington of Scotland in the final. Tulika also mentioned the difficulties that she faced to make it to the Indian team. He said, “I had to face a lot of problems to make a place in the team but then the Sports Authority of India intervened. Had I had a chance to practice more in the training camp, the result would have been better.

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