Cyber ​​Fraud Alert: In the last few years, there has been rapid digitization in India. The government is also trying to connect every corner of the country digitally by working on a scheme like Digital India. Cyber ​​criminals have also become very active nowadays in the era of increasing digitization. Various tricks have been adopted to implicate people who commit cyber crimes.

Criminals committing cybercrime make calls to common people posing as bank officers, company’s customer care person, telecom company officer, etc. After this, he asks people for their personal information. Cyber ​​criminals obtain necessary information from customers like their bank account number, ration card information, Aadhaar number etc. After that he clears his account.

Cyber ​​friend tweeted the information
Let us tell you that this information has been given by Cyber ​​Dost, a Twitter handle operated by the Central Government, that after clicking on any link on social media or any other link, you can enter your personal information such as PAN Card Number, Aadhar Card Number (Aadhaar Card). Do not share with any unknown person or company by forgetting important information like Driving License, Address Proof etc. Using such documents, cyber criminals can get your duplicate SIM made. Through this duplicate SIM, he can do many illegal things along with emptying your bank account.

Keep safe from cyber crime like this
Do not share your personal details even by forgetting.
Do not share bank details with any unknown person.
Do not click on any link without thinking.
If you are a victim of any kind of fraud, immediately contact your bank and cyber helpline number.

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