Defense Minister Rajnath Singh War Is Fought With The Army Not With Their Citizens Ann

Defense News: There is war with the army of the...

Defense News: There is war with the army of the enemy country, not with their common citizens. Therefore, there is a dire need of precision ammunition in the country as was used during the Balakot air strike. It is believed that the Defense Minister of the country, Rajnath Singh, who recently made Pakistan sleepless by giving a statement on PoK.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was addressing the second military-ammunition conference, AMO-India, in the capital Delhi on Wednesday. During that time, speaking on the need for indigenous ammunition, the Defense Minister said that Precision Guided Ammunition will play an important role like any weapon in future wars.

What did the Defense Minister say about the Balakot air strike?
Referring to the attack on the Muntho-Dhalo base in the Kargil war and the success of the 2019 air strike on a terrorist hideout in Pakistan’s Balakot, Rajnath Singh said that smart-precision ammunition only targeted enemy military positions. goes. Nearby civil-institutions are not harmed.

He said that this is a new incarnation of ammunition in the battlefield. By programming this type of ammunition once, the auto can mechanically do course-correction and hit the target at the right place at the right time. Rajnath Singh said that this does not happen in conventional ammunition. In earlier times, the size of the ammunition and the ammunition loaded in it mattered more. But now the smartness of ammunition is more important.

Ammunition is also associated with socio-economic development- Defense Minister Rajnath
The Defense Minister said that the scientific, technological and economic development of any country is judged by the capacity of its arms and ammunition. Therefore, the development of immunity is not only a matter related to the security of the nation but also related to socio-economic development.

Rajnath Singh said that to make India a world power, it is very important that indigenous ammunition should be designed, developed and produced in the country itself. The Defense Minister also called upon the private sector to make ammunition so that the military preparedness of the armies can be strengthened. Recently, Rajnath Singh had come into the limelight with his statement on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir i.e. PoK.

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