Defense Ministry Preparing To Open Bro Cafes With Border Roads Organization At 75 Places On Border Area

Defense Ministry on Bro cafes: The Defense Ministry has approved...

Defense Ministry on Bro cafes: The Defense Ministry has approved setting up of facilities under the brand ‘BRO Cafe’ at 75 locations on various roads along the Border Roads Organization (BRO) in 12 states and union territories. In an order issued by the ministry on Wednesday, it was said that its purpose is to provide basic facilities to tourists and to encourage economic activities in the border areas.

In a statement given by the Ministry of Defense, it was said that this would also provide employment to the local people. These roadside establishments will be known as ‘BRO Cafe’. In fact, due to BRO in the border areas of the country, it has helped to meet the general needs of the people and to uplift the social and economic status of the people on the northern and eastern borders.

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According to the statement, it is proposed to provide parking for vehicles, food plazas, restaurants, separate public facilities for women, men and differently-abled, first aid facilities etc. For this, the agreement will be signed for 15 years, which can be extended for five more years, the statement said.

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It is being told that this scheme will be done in collaboration with agencies on the basis of license. The agencies will build and operate as per the guidelines given by the BRO. This license will be valid for 15 years. Which can be extended for 5 years. It is being estimated that this will speed up the development of tourism along with traffic in the border areas.

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