Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Asked Government Why India Is Backward After 75 Years Of Independence

Independence Day 2022: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has asked a...

Independence Day 2022: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has asked a big question to the central government that people in India are the most hardworking people in the world, they are intelligent people. There are rivers in India, there are mountains, the most intelligent people of the world were born in India. We have the best employees in all regions of the world. Many countries have overtaken India in 75 years of independence. Singapore, Japan, Germany also went ahead, why did our India lag behind.

On this occasion of 75 years of independence, a question arises in the mind. We have made a lot of progress in 75 years, but many countries have overtaken India. Singapore got independence from us after 15 years, Japan was ruined in World War II, Germany was also devastated, but everyone got ahead of us. The people of India are the most intelligent and hardworking people in the world, yet why did we lag behind. God left no stone unturned in giving to us. Some people ask whether India can lead the world, why not… Today 130 crore people together take a pledge that India will be made the number one country in the world.

remember freedom fighters

CM Arvind Kejriwal had arrived at the Thyagaraj Stadium in Delhi on Sunday to participate in the ‘Har Haath Tricolor’ program by the Delhi government. Manish Sisodia was also present in the program. Kejriwal remembered the immortal martyrs of the country and said that it is time to remember their dreams due to which we got freedom. I would especially like to mention two freedom fighters, one Ambedkar, who fought his whole life, came from a poor family.

Fight for freedom and fight for the rights of the downtrodden poor. He did two doctorates and gave the world’s best constitution. The kind of India we are seeing today, equal rights, fundamental rights are due to him. There was a Bhagat Singh, today at the age of 23, someone is doing engineering, someone is looking for a girlfriend. But Bhagat Singh sacrificed for the country at the age of 23.

Today Delhi has become the city of Tricolor

Kejriwal said that today I saw 9 tricolors in the biggest Delhi, Delhi will not let the country’s pride forget the tricolor. We are celebrating the 75th year of independence… We have put up national flags at 500 places in the national capital and that is why Delhi has become the city of tricolor. Today we distributed tricolor to 25 lakh children.

Kejriwal said that in the coming time, we will make the best India in the world. Kejriwal said- Today I ask very small things from all of you that we will not make the country dirty from our side. In the coming time, we will make the best India in the world.

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