Delhi Government Has Tightened Its Waist To Strengthen Disaster Management Will Spend So Much On New Equipment Ann

Delhi News: After the Corona Pandemic, the Delhi Government is...

Delhi News: After the Corona Pandemic, the Delhi Government is alert about any disaster. The Delhi government is going to take many important steps so that there is no loss of life and property in the disaster in Delhi. Revenue Minister Kailash Gehlot has directed the Delhi Disaster Management Authority to study the disaster management exercise in Delhi and conduct in-depth research on how to improve it.

Preliminary research has observed that sometimes the Quick Response Team (QRT) of District Disaster Management Authorities consisting of Civil Defense Volunteers (CDVs) does not have the necessary equipment to handle emergency situations. Quick Response Teams (QRTs) assist the District Disaster Management Authorities by taking prompt action in incidents like fire, building collapse and drowning round the clock. Though these incidents cannot be classified as a disaster as defined in the Disaster Management Act, 2005, yet such calls are attended by the QRT with utmost seriousness in view of the emergency situation.

Delhi government going to invest more than Rs 5 crore

The research involved discussions with on-ground volunteers and teams working in such emergency situations to understand their challenges and make it easier for them to save lives. Delhi government is going to invest more than Rs 5 crore to buy rope ladder, search light, pickaxe, sledge hammer, spreader battery and necessary equipment for all 11 districts. Apart from this, 5 aluminum boats and 10 inflatable rescue boats will also be procured for distribution in 5 flood affected districts of Delhi i.e. North East, East, North, Central and South East. To operate these boats, 50 Civil Defense Volunteers (CDVs) will be trained and deployed as drivers in the flood-affected districts.

Delhi government has also made this plan…

In addition, equipment like cranes and forklifts, truck aerial lifts, dumpers, gensets with trolleys, earth movers, recovery van beams, etc. will be procured on hire through empaneled vendors so that these heavy equipment/machinery can be supplied as and when required. services can be availed. These are essentially required in the districts to deal with the emergency situation. Since the equipment for the districts will be operated by CDVs, the Delhi government has also planned to organize an advance training program for CDVs.

The aim is to make disaster proof

Delhi Revenue Minister Kailash Gehlot said that we are reviewing the disaster management methods in Delhi to make the city disaster proof. After the pandemic, the safety of citizens is our top priority and I will take all measures to protect my fellow citizens from any kind of calamity. He further said that we have a team of hardworking civil defense volunteers across Delhi. This investment will ease their daunting task a bit. Along with this, the Revenue Minister also directed the concerned officers to ensure continuous research to strengthen the disaster management in Delhi.

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