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Delhi Government Dengue Meeting: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal held a...

Delhi Government Dengue Meeting: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal held a high-level meeting with the officials at his residence today, keeping in mind the growing threat of dengue. During this meeting, Arvind Kejriwal has given instructions to take strict steps regarding dengue prevention. After this, CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted and said that this time the rainy season has gone long, due to which the risk of dengue may increase.

In this regard, after meeting with the officials of Health Department, MCD, NDMC and other departments, the complete plan was prepared. Many steps will be taken in the coming days. Especially school children will be involved in the prevention of dengue on a large scale. Entire Delhi together will defeat dengue this time again. At the same time, the district level officers have been directed to make people aware of the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases in their respective areas.

What steps will the government take?
For the prevention of dengue, cooperation of all RWAs and construction sites will be taken and government officials will also keep an eye on it in their offices. Along with this, people are being made aware by running awareness campaigns through various mediums on behalf of the Delhi government.

During the meeting, the officials said that along with making people aware, the compliance of the guidelines issued by the government is being checked from door to door. People are being told what necessary steps should be taken to prevent the spread of dengue. Where there is negligence in compliance with the guidelines, challan action is also being taken.

How will the awareness campaign be run among the children?
It was discussed in the meeting that everyone’s cooperation is necessary for the prevention of dengue. For this it is necessary that every citizen living in Delhi should make every effort to stop the spread of dengue at their level. For this, it has been decided to involve children of all schools in the awareness campaign. Children will be encouraged to visit their homes to see that there is no water stagnation in their house. If the water is accumulating, then clean it and stop the breeding of dengue and also make the family members aware.

What instructions did the CM give to the officials?
During this, CM Arvind Kejriwal also directed all government officials to keep an eye on dengue. The officials have been instructed to check daily in their offices to see if there is any collection of water where dengue mosquitoes are breeding. Instructions have been given to check such places and get them cleaned there.

At the same time, there is water logging at the construction sites and many times the workers do not pay attention to it, due to which dengue mosquitoes continue to flourish and the workers living there are vulnerable to dengue. In view of this, instructions have been given to all the construction sites that the contractors must take care at their respective sites that water does not stagnate on their site or around them. If water is found anywhere, clean it or put kerosene etc. oil in it, so that mosquitoes cannot breed.

What did the CM say about RWA?
Also, like previous years, this time also the help of all RWAs will be taken for prevention and prevention of dengue. All RWAs have been asked by the government to cooperate in the awareness campaign. All RWAs have been asked to make people aware by going door to door in their respective areas, so that people follow the guidelines.

DM, SDM and Tehsildar and other officers will visit their respective areas at the district level to strictly implement the initiatives being taken for prevention of dengue. In the meeting, CM Arvind Kejriwal has directed the officials to strictly follow the steps being taken for the prevention of dengue.

Which places do the officers go to every Saturday?
On every Saturday, the officials will visit the construction sites, hospitals where there is a high probability of water logging and will also take necessary action if the guidelines are not followed by the concerned. In this regard, instructions have been given to not tolerate any kind of negligence in the hospitals. If dengue mosquitoes breed in the hospital premises, then the patients there along with their family members can be affected by dengue.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that it does not rain at this time, but this time it is raining. Due to this the possibility is increasing that the cases of dengue may increase in the coming days. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal directed the officials to visit the construction sites every Saturday and check the guidelines. To make the ongoing awareness campaign against dengue successful, the cooperation of stakeholders like school children, RWAs, construction sites etc. should also be taken.

What is the action plan for dengue prevention?

  • 35 hospitals have been identified for early diagnosis and supportive treatment.
  • Notification of each case is being done.
  • Case-based monitoring and quick response is being done by the departments.
  • Reporting by government and private health facilities
  • Vector management is being done by the departments, in which larvae source management and fogging are being done.
  • Monitoring, supervision and evaluation is being done at all levels by various organizations.
  • Coordination and partnership between various departments of Delhi Government is being ensured.

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