Delhi High Court Dismissed The Money Laundering Petition Of Central Government

Delhi High Court News: The Delhi High Court on Monday...

Delhi High Court News: The Delhi High Court on Monday refused to entertain a plea that accused the central government of acquiring assets disproportionate to its known sources of income, money laundering, human trafficking and drug trafficking. The cases had sought directions to give life imprisonment to the culprits and to ascertain the feasibility of confiscation of 100 per cent black money and benami properties.

The court noted that a similar petition was filed earlier by the petitioner concerned in the Supreme Court also, which allowed him to submit a report on the issue to the Law Commission.

Chief Justice said big thing
A bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramaniam Prasad said it was not proper for the High Court to hear the petition after the withdrawal of the petition from the apex court. The bench said, “If the Supreme Court had said that you should approach the High Court, we would have heard you. But there is a special order of the Supreme Court that you go to the Law Commission.”

When petitioner advocate Ashwini Upadhyay urged the court to attach this petition to one of his earlier petitions, the bench rejected it saying, “No, we are sorry.” After this, Upadhyay sought permission to withdraw the petition saying that he would approach the Supreme Court.

“In view of the withdrawal of the writ petition, it is dismissed,” the bench said. The petition seeks stringent anti-corruption laws in developed countries dealing with bribery, black money, benami property, tax evasion, acquisition of assets disproportionate to known sources of income, money laundering, profiteering, hoarding, adulteration, human trafficking, drug trafficking and black marketing. There was a demand to constitute an expert committee to study the study and prepare a comprehensive report within three months or to issue directions to the Law Commission in this regard.

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