Delhi ISIC Doctors Removed 16 Stones From Paralyzed Mans Urinary Bladder

Stones Removed From Urinary Bladder: Doctors at the Indian Spinal...

Stones Removed From Urinary Bladder: Doctors at the Indian Spinal Injury Center (ISIC) in Delhi have removed 16 stones weighing 500 grams from the urinary bladder of a 29-year-old paralyzed man. Deepak, a resident of Morena in Madhya Pradesh, suffered a spinal cord injury two years ago when he fell from the roof of his house. He was killed by Lavka due to the fall. He was undergoing treatment at ISIC in Delhi.

For a long time, Deepak was having trouble urinating and there was also a complaint of pain in the lower part of the abdomen. Due to being suffering from paralysis, he was finding it difficult to walk. Deepak’s rehabilitation was going on, when the investigation was done, urine related problems were found.

About stones revealed by CT scan

A CT scan done by Dr. Prashant Jain of ISIC and his team revealed that 16 stones were present in the patient’s bladder. Dr. Prashant Jain told that lower urinary tract infection occurs in all paralyzed patients. His bladder was also not working properly, and he had to put a catheter in it. When I examined him, he had many stones in his bladder. After the X-ray, we got a CT scan done along with other tests, which revealed the presence of stones in the bladder.

Patient’s condition after surgery

The doctor further said that fortunately the patient did not have any stones in his kidney and his kidney was also good. To save the life of the patient, he decided to do surgery and counseled him. The stones were then removed in one go by an open cystolithotomy procedure. We removed the stones through a small hole in the urinary bladder which was created in the suprapubic region. The patient is now recovering completely.

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