Mundka Fire: A massive fire broke out in a building near the metro station in Delhi’s Mundka on Friday. The fire was so terrible in which 27 people were burnt to death and many people were also injured. The building where the fire broke out is a 4-storeyed one that is commercially used to provide office space to companies.

The fire incident started at 4 pm in the first floor of the building which houses the office of a CCTV cameras and router manufacturing/assembling company, after which the fire spread and engulfed the entire building. After getting information about the fire, the fire department reached the spot and started the rescue operation. In the rescue operation that lasted for 7 hours, the bodies of 27 people were recovered and many people were taken to the hospital in injured condition. The rescue operation is still on.

Most of the women employees worked in this company. According to eyewitnesses, when the fire broke out, after breaking the glass, many people jumped from above to save their lives, who were admitted to the nearest Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Many people were saved in some way by nearby shops, houses and people, but most of the people who were there were trapped inside.

The family members of the people present in the building at the time of the incident are very upset. Till now they do not have any information about the trapped people. They are wandering from hospital to hospital for their information. Some are wandering in search of their sister and some are looking for their daughter.

The company was running indiscriminately without NOC

The building in which the fire broke out is a testimony to our poor system. After about 8 hours of effort, the fire was brought under control, but the surprising thing is that the company was running in this building without NOC and the administration was sitting blindly. Like every time, this time also after the accident, the government came to know that the building does not have NOC.

People had no other way to get out of the building, due to which the rescue operation had to face great difficulties. The police have tightened the noose on the company’s owners, the Goyal brothers, and are engaged in interrogation by arresting them, but the question is why the government and administration do not learn lessons even after repeated arsons like Mundka. Why did our system not wake up even after the gift scandal?

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