Mundka Fire: A massive fire broke out in a building near the metro station in Delhi’s Mundka on Friday. The fire was so terrible in which 27 people were burnt to death and many people were also injured. The building where the fire broke out is a 4-storeyed one that is commercially used to provide office space to companies. The owners of the company Varun Goyal and Harish Goyal have been taken into custody.

The rescue operation continued for about 8 hours. People’s lives were destroyed in the flames. After about 8 hours of effort, the fire was brought under control, but the surprising thing is that the company was running in this building without NOC and the administration was sitting blindly. Like every time, this time also after the accident, the government came to know that the building does not have NOC.

The police have tightened the noose on the company owners, the Goyal brothers, and are engaged in interrogation by taking them into custody, but the question is why the government and administration do not learn lessons even after repeated arsons like Mundka. Why did our system not wake up even after the gift scandal? People were seen struggling to save their lives during the fire. Many lives could be saved with the help of local people. People wandered throughout the night in search of their loved ones. Some were looking for their sister and some were looking for their brother, but no one could find anything.

27 people including 2 firefighters died in the incident, but the biggest question is who is responsible for these deaths. After all, how was the company running in the building without NOC. The fire was brought under control late in the night but the cooling work continued. Work continued here throughout the night. Four vehicles of the fire department were present on the spot, which continued to shower water on the building. Efforts are on to cool the building, because many times flames were seen in the middle even after extinguishing the fire. After this, cooling work is being done continuously at that time.

Family looking for loved ones

A man named Ismail wandered for hours in search of his sister. She is in bad condition crying, but till late night nothing of her sister could be found. A girl named Molly is looking for her elder sister along with her mother. His sister used to work in the same company where the fire broke out.

Molly along with her mother reached Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for the information of her sister. No one helped him. No information was given about his sister. She is constantly saying that show me the dead body once, but the police administration says that you only write a missing report. You will get information about that. Molly is constantly worried about her sister. There are tears in the eyes of the mother. For the elder sister, there are tears in the eyes of the younger sister. Both are very upset and are pleading for help.

A family member who came to find his maternal aunt, who has been continuously making rounds of hospitals for the last 3 hours. There is no help from the hospital administration on behalf of the police administration. In such a situation, the biggest concern of the family is that where they should appeal now. There was a huge crowd of people outside Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Hospital throughout the night. Everyone is looking for their loved ones. Everyone just hopes to find their own.

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