Delhi-NCR Weather Forecast Today 05 August 2022 IMD Alert For Moderate Rain In Delhi Noida Gurugram News | Delhi-NCR Weather Forecast Today: There will be so many more days of rain in Delhi, then it will start getting disturbed, know

Delhi-NCR Weather Report Today 05 August 2022: The sultry heat...

Delhi-NCR Weather Report Today 05 August 2022: The sultry heat in Delhi-NCR is troubling continuously. However, there is relief after intermittent rains, but after that the outbreak of sultry heat increases again. Meanwhile, it rained in some areas of Delhi on Thursday. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), 7 mm of rain was recorded at Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory from 8:30 am on Wednesday to 8:30 am on Thursday.

According to the data of the Meteorological Department, Delhi has received 312 mm of rain since June 1, while the normal rainfall is 307.7 mm. On the other hand, the Meteorological Department has predicted cloudy sky and normal rainfall on Friday as well. The weather is forecast to remain similar on Saturday, while light rain may occur on Sunday and Monday. After this, on August 9 and 10, the sky will remain cloudy and there is less chance of rain. During this temperature and heat will increase. The weather in Noida and Gurugram is going to be more or less similar.

What will the weather be like in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram on Friday?

  • On Thursday, the minimum temperature in Delhi was recorded around 26.8 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was also around the normal at 34.6 degree Celsius.
  • The humidity level in the air was 68 to 83 percent.
  • The maximum temperature in Delhi is likely to be 34 and the minimum temperature is 26 degree Celsius on Friday. The sky will remain cloudy and moderate rain is expected.
  • The maximum temperature in Noida is expected to be 37.6 and the minimum temperature is 29.8 degree Celsius. It will be cloudy and there is a possibility of light rain or thundershowers.
  • The maximum temperature in Gurugram is 32 and the minimum temperature is likely to be 25 degree Celsius. It will be cloudy and there may be rain or thundershowers once or twice.

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‘Air pollution’ in ‘satisfactory’ category in Delhi-NCR

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi has been recorded at 75 in the ‘satisfactory’ category on Friday morning. At the same time, 84 have been recorded in Noida and 56 in Gurugram. The AQI is defined as ‘good’ between zero and 50, ‘satisfactory’ between 51 and 100, ‘moderate’ between 101 and 200, ‘poor’ between 201 and 300, ‘very poor’ between 301 and 400. ‘ and between 401 and 500 are considered in the ‘severe’ range.

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