Demonstration of MLAs of Rashtriya Lok Dal regarding various problems of farmers

UP Latest News: Dozens of farmers led by two MLAs...

UP Latest News: Dozens of farmers led by two MLAs of Rashtriya Lok Dal reached the district collectorate of Shamli in Uttar Pradesh and demonstrated. The protesters had reached the Shamli Collectorate to protest against the pending sugarcane payment, the solution of stray animals and the arbitrariness of the Electricity Department. In this regard, a memorandum was also submitted by the protesters to the concerned officer.

In Shamli, dozens of farmers led by Rashtriya Lok Dal Sadar MLA Prasanna Choudhary and Thana Bhavan MLA Ashraf Ali demonstrated after reaching Shamli Collectorate.

Know what the MLAs of Rashtriya Lok Dal said?

The MLAs of the Rashtriya Lok Dal said that a large number of cane payment arrears of farmers in Shamli district are due, which the government is not paying. Along with this, stray cattle are destroying the crops of farmers in Shamli district. Not only this, he also accused the officials of the Electricity Department of doing arbitrariness.

The MLAs said that when the government is not even paying the sugarcane, then why the connections are being cut when the farmers are due. At the same time, he said that due to non-recruitment of military for two years, a large number of youth of the area are unemployed and farmers are disappointed due to non-payment of dues. If these problems are not resolved soon, Rashtriya Lok Dal will launch a big mass movement. A memorandum in this regard was also submitted to the concerned officer.

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