DGCA Gave Reasons Rise In Technical Snags Due To Covid Lockdowns, Curtailed Flight Ops

DGCA On Airlines's Technical Snags: For some time, there have...

DGCA On Airlines’s Technical Snags: For some time, there have been cases of emergency landing of many aircraft, even Indian planes had to land in Pakistan after a technical fault. Now the reason for this has come to the fore. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) says that due to the Kovid lockdown, there has been an increase in the cases of technical malfunctions in the aircraft. DGCA Chief Arun Kumar said that the reason for the increasing number of technical glitches in Indian Airlines may be due to the Kovid lockdown and reduced flight operations during this period. He also said that the Aviation Safety Regulator is increasing its surveillance to reduce such incidents.

Technical fault in planes and covid lockdown

In an interview, DGCA Chief Arun Kumar said, “The reason for the increasing number of technical glitches seems to be related to Kovid, which has affected airline operations due to the lockdown and reduction in flights. Apart from this, the reduction in manpower after Kovid is also a well-known problem and it is not only a problem of one airline and one country.

What is DGCA Chief

According to official data received from the DGCA, in the last one year, more than 460 technical fault complaints have been received in Indian airlines. Only last week, the DGCA had ordered a special audit into the incidents of engineering-related defects in various aircraft of commercial airlines. In its investigation, the aviation safety regulator will base non-availability of manpower, facilities and equipment as well as non-availability of spares as reasons for stopping the operations of aircraft. DGCA Chief Kumar says that many technical glitches are everyday, that is, they happen. He said that in order to deal with them, it is necessary for the flight crew to be alert and able to respond accordingly when such situations arise.

He further said that, if flight crews follow standard operating procedures, they can operate flights without compromising on safety. The DGCA chief says that this means that if the signs of malfunction in the aircraft are noticed on the ground before the flight and the checklist action is taken when the aircraft is in the air, that is, the causes of the malfunction are caught properly, then as needed. Precautionary or emergency landing can be done easily if necessary. “I must commend our pilots, who have shown excellent skill and confidently resolved these defects in aircraft without compromising on safety,” he said.

Airline companies struggling with technical fault

A recent DGCA investigation has found that airlines are incorrectly identifying the causes of reported defects in aircraft. Along with this, it was also found that airlines are not keeping qualified engineers at airports. In the last few months, Indian aircraft have been battling technical issues like engine failure and burning smell in the cabin. Last week, Air India’s Boeing 787 aircraft with around 260 people on board a flight from Dubai to Kochi suffered cabin depressurization. In this, the passengers had to wear oxygen masks and some passengers started bleeding from the nose.

Earlier this month, the right engine of IndiGo’s Airbus A320Neo aircraft going from Sharjah to Hyderabad had malfunctioned. Then the pilots of this aircraft diverted it towards Karachi in Pakistan. Ahead of the incident, Muscat in Oman after the smell of burning emanated from the forward galley of an Air India Express aircraft Boeing 737-800 flying from Kozhikode to Dubai. was turned towards. Low-cost airline SpiceJet has reported at least eight such incidents in less than a month during May-June, following which the regulator issued a show-cause notice to the airline saying that the airline is safe, It has “failed” to provide efficient and reliable air services.

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