Disha Salian Suicide Case Fiance Rohan Rai Opens Up After Two Years Shocking Details

Disha Salian Fiance Rohan Rai Opened Up: Late actor Sushant...

Disha Salian Fiance Rohan Rai Opened Up: Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-manager Disha Salian suicide case is once again in the news. Disha Salian, who was an actress and model, committed suicide in the year 2020. Now two years after this incident, her fiancĂ© Rohan Rai has made many big revelations. Rohan told what happened before and after Disha’s death?

Rohan received death threats

Disha Salian was about to marry model and actor Rohan Roy. A few days before the wedding, Disha committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor of her flat in Malad. Rohan has talked about Disha’s sudden death in an interview given to ETimes after two years. Rohan told that after Disha left, he even received death threats.

What happened that night?

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Rohan says- “Disha was a very sensitive person. Both of us were living with the family in Dadar, on June 4 I told her that let’s move to Malad’s apartment. I said this to her thinking that maybe this would change her mood. Will go, we had four friends along with us. We were drinking a lot that day, I started talking to a friend on the phone and she went to the bedroom, she didn’t come for a long time, so we all started looking for her, I saw That room’s window was open. Looking down from there, his pajama was visible on the ground, which I was scared to see. I also wanted to commit suicide. It was like a bad dream. I and Disha were in a relationship for about 7 years .”

the police took off my clothes

Rohan gets threats on social media after Disha’s suicide. Rohan said, I had received thousands of threatening messages, people abused me, after the incident of Disha’s suicide, the police even made me take off my clothes in the investigation, to find out if there was any quarrel between us. . Rohan Roy is currently dating TV actress Sheen Das.

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