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US Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency: The World Health Organization-WHO announced...

US Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency: The World Health Organization-WHO announced a health emergency last month due to the increasing cases of monkeypox. Taking the warnings of WHO seriously, now the United States of America has also declared a Public Health Emergency in view of the increasing outbreak of monkeypox. Due to this, the health agencies here are expected to ease the inflow of funds to deal with monkeypox. With this, new avenues will open for the US government for the production and use of existing vaccines for monkeypox.

Monkeypox outbreak around the world

The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a public health emergency in July. If you look at the tally of Reuters, more than 25,800 cases of monkeypox have been found worldwide. Along with this, three deaths from monkeypox are reported in three countries outside Africa.

How dangerous is this?

The monkeypox virus was first found in monkeys. This virus is especially spread by coming in close contact with a person infected with monkeypox. Mild symptoms of this disease usually include fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes and pus-filled skin lesions emerging in the infected patient. According to the WHO, monkeypox can have serious consequences in some cases, although it usually gets better within two to four weeks. This virus can be spread through anyone, but the current outbreak of monkeypox outside Africa is spreading more especially when men have sex with other men.

spread through intimate contact

Monkeypox spreads mainly through skin-to-skin contact. Generally, a patient who has a rash or rash on his body is more likely to spread monkeypox. Along with this, the disease spreads from one person to another even when it comes in contact with the bed or clothes of the infected patient. However, it does not spread as easily as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that shook the world by spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is this an emergency?

The United States hopes that the declaration of a public health emergency will help control the disease. Along with this, there will also be protection from the situation where the disease will start emerging continuously in the people. With this, good funding will be available to deal with the disease. Flexibility in the rules of health agencies will increase access to vaccines and treatments to combat the disease. Significantly, the health authorities of many countries of the world had requested the WHO to declare monkeypox as a public health emergency of international concern, because many countries are registering a steady and rapid increase in its cases. The emergency declaration aims to spur global action and cooperation on everything from testing to the production and distribution of vaccines and treatments.

Climate change is also the cause of monkeypox

The currently spreading monkeypox virus strain in Africa has a mortality rate of about 1 percent, but so far this outbreak is proving to be less fatal in non-endemic countries. Non-endemic means countries where it is not likely to spread. One thing is also worth noting that the healthcare infrastructure is strong in many countries. Because of this, the outbreak of monkeypox is not showing its effect here. This viral disease has rarely spread outside Africa. Monkeypox is endemic here. Scientists are trying to determine what caused the initial cases and whether the virus has changed. Experts say climate change, along with increased global travel, has generally accelerated the virus’s emergence and spread. Infectious disease experts say years of financial neglect has left sexual health clinics currently suffering from monkeypox. is left behind in dealing with. Because of this, it is not ready to stop the spread of this disease.

protective measures

US health officials say that people should avoid close personal contact with anyone who has a specific rash on their body. Along with this, officials say that if a person has a disease or appears unwell or has symptoms of monkeypox, he should be isolated and seek medical care. Health officials in the US are administering the monkeypox vaccine to people who are at high risk of getting monkeypox. Along with this, monkeypox vaccines are also being given to people who have recently been in close contact with the infected person. There is a vaccine from the Danish company Bavarian Nordic, which is known in the world by the brand names Jynneos, Imvamune or Imvanex. This vaccine has received US and European Union approval for the prevention of both smallpox and monkeypox. An older ACAM2000 vaccine currently being produced by Emergent Biosolutions has also been used to prevent monkeypox. However, its use has been limited because of its serious side-effects. Bavarian Nordic says it can manufacture 30 million doses of vaccines each year, including monkeypox. On the other hand, a US company is working to increase the Monkeypox Vaccine capacity.


Symptoms of monkeypox often get better on their own in a few weeks. Patients with secondary i.e. mild bacterial infections may be given additional fluids and additional treatment. Tecovirimat, an antiviral agent of the brand TPOXX, is used to treat monkeypox. It is made by SIGA Technologies. It has US and European Union (EU) approval for the treatment of smallpox. In Europe, it is allowed to be used to treat both monkeypox and cowpox.

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