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Chhattisgarh News: Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) officials operated bulldozers at...

Chhattisgarh News: Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) officials operated bulldozers at 70 illegal shops in Durg, Chhattisgarh today. A large number of police forces and BSP staff were involved in this action. Taking action, the BSP ran a bulldozer on the illegal shops set up on the road from 25 Million Chowk to Supela Phatak.

The city service department of BSP said that people were facing problems in movement due to the occupation. On behalf of the department, it was said that road accidents were also happening on the day at Sector 6 Chowk. Therefore, the BSP took permission from the estate court and after that bulldozer action was taken. The BSP team, in the presence of the Executive Magistrate, Bhilai Nagar and Bhilai Bhatti police force, together with all the small and big shops along the road, bulldozed a total of 70. During this some people tried to protest but the police explained them and pacified them.

There was a jam due to illegal shops

Let us inform that while coming towards Supela Gate from Twenty Five Million Chowk of Sector 6, illegal cloth market was being operated in front of Satnam Bhawan. There was a traffic jam due to the roadside shops and parking of the vehicles of the buyers. At the same time, fruits and some Gumti people had encroached near Sector 6 Chowk. From the mosque to Supela gate, a large number of people had illegally occupied. BSP broke all these shops and freed the road from occupation. The officials of the Municipal Services Department have warned of imposing fines in future.

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BSP has already taken action

The city service department of BSP has taken this second biggest action after the main market civic center of the township. Earlier on June 6, the BSP’s vandalism squad took action at the Civic Center and vandalized 17 illegal shops located next to the Nehru Art Gallery. Before the action, the BSP had also given notice to these shopkeepers to remove the possession.

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