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Edible Oil Price: In the Delhi oil oilseeds market, the...

Edible Oil Price: In the Delhi oil oilseeds market, the prices of all domestic oilseeds, including mustard, groundnut, soybean, CPO, palmolein, cottonseed, have improved on Saturday amid a sharp trend in foreign markets. Traders said the Chicago Exchange was up two per cent. He said that even after reaching the historical low level of the rupee against the dollar, imports became costlier.

The effect of sudden price breakdown will be visible
Sources said that going forward, the problem of light oils in the country will increase. Let us tell you that the importers who had imported lakhs of tonnes of oil, their condition is dire due to the sudden drop in prices. Now they will have to spend their imported oils at higher prices in the country’s markets at a cheaper price than the import price so that they can pay off the loans of the banks.

Consider reducing the fee
Let us tell you that by reducing the import duty, the loss of revenue to the country is different. In such a situation, some major oil organizations like SEA, SOPA of the country have also asked the government to reconsider the decision to reduce the import duty.

Oil became cheaper by Rs 50 a liter
Sources said that the prices of edible oils abroad have softened by about Rs 50 per liter, but the benefits of this fall are not reaching the consumers. If this problem is solved, then the reasons for stagnation in the country’s edible oil and oilseeds production will be properly understood and by fixing this whole system the problem will be solved.

increase oil production
Let us tell you that when the oil prices fell abroad, the work of retailing edible oils continued at high prices on the pretext of maximum retail price (MRP) and consumers are still upset due to no restrictions with such retailers. Sources said that the government will have to take the initiative to increase the production of oilseeds by giving incentives to the farmers and there is little chance of any permanent solution coming out with the reduction in duty.

Let’s check the latest oil rates-

  • Mustard oilseeds – Rs 7,410-7,460 (42 percent condition rate) per quintal
  • Groundnut – Rs 6,655 – Rs 6,780 per quintal
  • Groundnut Oil Mill Delivery (Gujarat) – Rs 15,410 per quintal
  • Groundnut Solvent Refined Oil Rs 2,580 – Rs 2,770 per tin
  • Mustard oil Dadri – Rs 15,100 per quintal
  • Sarson Pakki Ghani – Rs 2,355-2,435 per tin
  • Mustard Kachhi Ghani – Rs 2,395-2,500 per tin
  • Sesame Oil Mill Delivery – Rs 17,000-18,500 per quintal
  • Soyabean Oil Mill Delivery Delhi – Rs 14,400 per quintal
  • Soybean Mill Delivery Indore – Rs 14,000 per quintal
  • Soyabean Oil Degum, Kandla – Rs 12,700 per quintal
  • CPO Ex-Kandla – Rs 11,450 per quintal
  • Cottonseed Mill Delivery (Haryana) – Rs 13,720 per quintal
  • Palmolein RBD, Delhi – Rs 13,450 per quintal
  • Palmolein Ex-Kandla – Rs 12,150 (without GST) per quintal
  • Soyabean grain – Rs 6,410-6,460 per quintal
  • Soyabean loose Rs.6,210- Rs.6,260 per quintal
  • Maize Khal (Sariska) Rs 4,010 per quintal

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