Elon Musk Found Stay At Work T Shirt In Twitter Office Users Comments On It

Twitter Elon Musk: Twitter owner Elon Musk is giving new...

Twitter Elon Musk: Twitter owner Elon Musk is giving new updates related to the company every day. After taking charge of Twitter, Musk has also tweeted many pictures of its headquarters. The Tesla and Space X founder tweeted a picture of a black T-shirt with “#Stay@Work” printed on it. Musk tweeted along with the photo, “Awesome new Twitter merch!” Since Musk shared it on Twitter, users are commenting on it in various ways.

Users made such comments

On this tweet of Elon Musk, some people are taunting him and some are making funny comments. One user wrote, “Elon Musk in a weird way told Twitter employees that they have to work really hard and most of them left. Most of them are better and more efficient now after leaving Twitter.” Another user wrote, “Capitalism works. Those who hate it, don’t.”

Tweeted a day ago as well

News Reels

A day before this, on Wednesday, Musk shared a video of Twitter’s San Francisco office. In it, he showed a T-shirt found in the Twitter headquarters. In the video, Musk was seen showing off a T-shirt with “#StayWoke” written on it. Musk shared this video with a laughing emoji. Also wrote in its caption, “Look what was found in a cupboard at Twitter Headquarters.” Along with sharing this video of Elon Musk, it also went viral.

Removed half of the employees from Twitter

Since acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has fired more than half of the company’s employees. These include Parag Agarwal, who was the CEO of Twitter. According to a report, within a month of taking charge of Twitter, Musk has shown the way out to 75000 employees from the company. In view of the retrenchment of employees in the company, a day or two ago, the France head of Twitter also resigned from his post. Elon Musk was also criticized for laying off such a large number of employees from Twitter.

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